How To Operate A Butterfly Valve

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How to Operate a Butterfly Valve. A butterfly valve is an adjustable shut-off valve used in plumbing. When in the closed position it blocks water from reaching the other side of the valve. When turned to the open position it allows water to move past the valve. Using the butterfly valve requires you to adjust the top handle, which controls the overall water flow.Read more : Instructions Squeeze down on the handle at the top of the butterfly valve. This handle controls a circular device in the middle of the valve. When closed the circular device blocks the flow of water. Turn the handle clockwise to open the butterfly valve. This allows for the free flow of water. Squeeze the handle again, then turn it counterclockwise. This closes the valve, preventing water from flowing through WEBSITE: PHONE: [...] offer a wide variety of valves

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We offer a wide variety of valves, inventory and services.  Below is a list of the valves and services that we provide. Actuation & Controls Actuators – Electric Actuators – Electrohydraulic Actuators – Hydraulic Actuators – Linear Actuators – Manual Actuators – Modulating Actuators – Nuclear Actuators – Pneumatic Actuators – Rotary Actuators – Spring Return Actuators – Subsea Chainwheels/Chains Controllers – Electric Controllers – Process Electronic Control Accessories Floorstands Gearboxes Solenoids Valve Extensions Castings, Forgings & Raw Materials Bar Stock Castings Forgings Pipe & Tubing Cleaning & Maintenance Cleaners, Lubricants & Maintenance Products Media Containment Precision Cleaning Coatings & Paints Coating Systems & Paints Hard Facing Masking Supplies Components, Parts & Accessories Bearings Belleville & Disc Springs >Bellows C Clamps Diaphragms – Plastic Diaphragms – Rubber Discs Expansion Joints – Metal Expansion Joints – PTFE Expansion Joints – Rubber Fasteners Fittings/Couplings Fittings/Couplings PTFE Flanges & Flange Washers Handwheels High Pressure Unions Insulating Covers Labels & Tags Precision Components Protective Caps & Flange Protection Regulators Springs Valve Mounting Hardware Instrumentation Differential Pressure Flowmeters Flow Control Flowmeters Instrumentation Equipment Level Controls Leverless Limit Switches Limit Switches Mass Flow Control Pollution Control Equipment Positioners Sample Cylinders Sensors Silensors/Resistors Square Sensors Switches Temperature [...]

More Valve Buyers Products are on Amazon

July 2, 2014 // 0 Comments is now listing its products on Amazon. Below is a sample list of valves that we are currently selling on Amazon. We have a large inventory of valves. We buy and sell all valves of all sizes and types, and of all manufacturers. WEBSITE: PHONE:  1-800-759-6048    1″ STAINLESS VALVE $100.00 used (1 offer) 1″ Velan Gate Valve W052054514TY $40.00 used (1 offer) 1-1/2″ STAINLESS VALVE $100.00 used (1 offer) 1.5″ Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Valve B329RFFP $90.00 used (1 offer) 1/2 Ball Valve 1000 WOG Series 730 $20.00 10″ INCH BV BALL VALVE CF8M $2,400.00 2″ Butterfly Valve FNW742T $100.00 used (1 offer) 2″ ITT Dia-Flo Diaphragm Valve 2219BV0549 $100.00 used (1 offer) 2″ KITZ BALL VALVE $175.00 2″ NEWCO GATE VALVE CFM8 $150.00 used (1 offer) 2″ Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Valve B32XRFFP $190.00 used (1 offer) 2-1/2″-150 Lunkenheimer Gate Valve Wrought Carbon $285.00 3/4 ” HAND VALVE B-45601 R12 $49.99 used (1 offer) 3/4″ Bonney Forge Gate Valve BS5359 $22.99 used (1 offer) 3/4″ KF CWP Valve 6103-21221 $19.99 3/4″ PGI Valve V-626SCT-P9 $79.99 3/4″ TO 3/4″ INCH GV GATE VALVE 1900 PSI $40.00 used (1 offer) 5″ KITZ BALL VALVE $150.00 used (1 offer) 6″ Legend Butterfly Valve T-365AB $132.00 used (1 offer) 8″-300 Crane Gate Valve Wrought Carbon Steel $1,400.00 AAA 3/8″ Solenoid Valve SO3P Single Solenoid Two Position 120V [...]

Valve Buyer Products Are Now Listed on Amazon

July 2, 2014 // 0 Comments is now listing its products on Amazon. Below is a sample list of valves that we are currently selling on Amazon. We have a large inventory of valves. We buy and sell all valves of all sizes and types, and of all manufacturers. WEBSITE: PHONE:  1-800-759-6048  BFV Butterfly Valve 8″ Inch LEVER WAFER NAVCO SERIES E 200 ALBRZ/BUNA $75.00 Asco Red-Hat 8210B10 Solenoid Valve 120V/60Hz 302321 $45.00 See more choices Parker MB Series Stainless Steel 316 Ball Valve, Inline, A-Lok Compression Fitting $105.78 $58.00 BFV Butterfly Valve 3″ Inch LEVER WAFER NAVCO SERIES E 200 DINP/BUNA $30.00 Strataflo Brass In-Line Spring Check Valve 1 1/2″ Inch 2008J 200Lb $25.00 BFV Butterfly Valve 4″ INCH LEVER LUG WKM SERIES E 200 SS/EPDM $39.99 BFV Butterfly Valve 18″ Inch GEAR LUG NAVCO SERIES E 150 ALBRZ/BUNA $850.00 BFV Butterfly Valve 4″ Inch LEVER LUG NAVCO SERIES E 200 SS/BUNA $40.00 BFV Butterfly Valve 4″ Inch LEVER WAFER NAVCO SERIES E 200 DINP/BUNA $30.00 1/2 Stainless Steel Ball Valve 1000WOG $12.00 BFV Butterfly Valve 12″ Inch GEAR LUG NAVCO SERIES E 200 DINP/BUNA $250.00 BFV Butterfly Valve 12″ Inch GEAR LUG NAVCO SERIES E 200 SS/EPDM $250.00 BFV Butterfly Valve 4″ Inch [...] offer all brands and manufacturers of valves and fittings.

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We offer all brands and manufacturers of valves and fittings. We offer these valves and fittings of all sizes. We deliver the best, most reliable, leak-proof valves in the industry for gas or liquid flow control applications. For all industries, we buy and sell valves and fittings — chemical industry, petrochemical, food, manufacturing, paper mills, and more. If you need a valve of any size, then we should be your first call (nationwide). Call us at 713-644-4011 or checkout our website [...]

Do You Need to Sell Your Valves?

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Do you have an unused or unneeded valves? Do you have a valves occupying space and you want to get rid of it? Then, sell it to us at Industrial Surplus World. We provide the best value for your excess inventory of valves. We buy all valves, all types, all sizes, and all manufacturers.  Below are some the of the valves that we buy and sell.   Globe Valves Control Valves Pressure Relief Valves Gate Valves Pipeline Valves Check Valves Butterfly Valves Diaphragm Valves Electric Valves Solenoid Valves Pinch Valves Ball Valves Plug Valves Needle Valves Spherical Disc Valves     If you would like to sell your inventory of valves, please send us photographs of your inventory and provide us with the relevant specifications of of the equipment such as part number and manufacturer.  Please  include the asking price for your inventory. Industrial Surplus World will review your request. We would make an offer for your valves and inventory. We can also make arrangements for shipping and delivery. We can take care of all of the details, making it easy for you. We buy and and sell all valves, of all types, of all manufacturers. We buy valves all of the time! [...]

Surplus Valve Buyers In The United States

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We are the #1 Surplus Valve Buyers in the United States.  We are looking to buy all types of valves, of all sizes and types. Like the state motto, “United we stand, divided we fall” to buy and sell new and used valves in Texas at a discounted price. We are looking to purchase Mutli-turn valves or Linear motion valves such as Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Pinch Valves, Diaphragm Valves, and Needle Valves. We also buy all types of Specialty Valves left over from projects that are new or slightly used. Other valves we buy includes Quarter Turn Valves or Rotary Valves such as Plug Valves, Ball Valves and Butterfly Valves. Do you have any Self-Actuated Valves, Check Valves, and Pressure Relief Valves because we buy these as well? However, the most wanted valves are Fisher Control Valves. If you have any of these types of valves, please send a list with pictures so we can make you an offer TODAY. Did you know that most types of surplus valves can be used as control valves, both linear and rotary motion, by the addition of power actuators, positioners and other accessories? Most surplus valves could be recycled after use such as Safety Relief Valves and Pipeline Valves.  If you have [...] Has All Valves of All Types and Sizes

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We got the valves that will fit – financially, performance and quality! We want to buy any kind of valves, of any size, from anywhere! We pay the most! If you have overstock, leftovers, discontinued inventory, new or used. Then, we want to bought it! Industrial Surplus World have been buying inventory such as valves from top 300 Oil and Gas Companies, and leading corporations for many years. We buy and sell ALL of the following valves: Surplus Valves: surplus ball valves, surplus butterfly valves, surplus check valves, surplus control valves, surplus diaphragm valves, surplus gate valves, surplus globe valves, surplus knife gate valves, surplus needle valves, surplus nuclear valves, surplus plug valves, surplus solenoid valves, surplus boiler valves, surplus angle seat valves, surplus pressure relief valves, and surplus backflow preventers. Call us today at 713-644-4011 or 1-800-759-6048  We offer nationwide service in US and [...]

Industrial Surplus World Launches a Nationwide Search to Purchase Industrial Valves of All Types and Sizes

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Industrial Surplus World is a company that buys and sells used equipment, including scrap metal and other machinery. For the past several months, there has been a high demand for industrial valves of all types and sizes. To meet this demand, Industrial Surplus launches a nationwide campaign to purchase industrial valves of all types and sizes. The high demand of valves has caused inventories to become low. A nationwide search has been initiated to buy all industrial valves such as water valves, gas valves, control valves, manual valve actuators, hydraulic valves actuators, motorized valves, high pressure valves, level valves, and much more. This is a nationwide search. As a buyer and seller of industrial valves, Industrial Surplus has liquidated a lot of its inventory. To replenish its inventory, Industrial Surplus has launched this nationwide campaign to buy more valves. While there are many different types and sizes of valves, some are more effective and reliable than others. Having experts in the field of valves and gauges has given Industrial Surplus World a competitive advantage among its competitors. “It is the reason that Industrial Surplus can buy valves in bulk prices, then offer it’s customers the best in value and price,” says [...]
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